Detectivi Particulari Bucuresti,
Agentie Detectivi

Pentru orice detalii sau informatii, va stam la dispozitie la numerele de telefon:

0722 792 382 / 0769 538 389

All the activities made by the specialized and certified staff of our agency are developed according Law No. 329 / 2003 and respecting the general laws in force, this way eliminating the major risks that can be generated coming in contact with persons that are doing illicitly, uncertified or unqualified the job of a private detective

We will mention further some of the obligations of both contractual parts:


  1. To make all the efforts in order to collect and supply the information requested by the Beneficiary
  2. To inform the Beneficiary on any changes of the circumstances accounted for at the signing of the Convention, for a possible modification of it.
  3. To act professionally with conscientiousness and with seriousness in order to accomplish the mandate accommodated by the Beneficiary.
  4. To inform the Beneficiary about all the new aspects that are appearing during the investigation and to consult him before taking any important decision that was hired for.
  5. To keep the confidentiality of all the information received by the Beneficiary or collected during the investigation and deliver him all the documentation related to the subject.


  1. To provide the Performer with all the possessed information and documents and to inform him over all the aspects regarding the subject, before the starting of the operation and during its process
  2. To not conclude separately verbal agreements, transactions or written conventions with the subject without the previous and detailed knowledge of the PERFORMER, under the penalty of cessation of any operative actions of this and of the immediate payment by the PERFORMER of the sum agreed in art. 2.